Forest City Password Station - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the Forest City Password Station?
A: The Forest City Password Station is a way for users unlock their Forest City network accounts or reset their passwords on their own, anytime, day or night.

Q: OK, so whatís a Forest City network password?
A: Your Forest City network password is the Windows password you use to log on to your PC each day. This user name and password is what allows you access your e-mail and Forest City network resources. Those who work at home, after hours or on the road also use this password to connect to the Forest City VPN or Webmail.

Q: Will I be able to use it to reset other passwords?
A: No. Passwords for other Forest City applications like HR Direct, OneSite, Buzzsaw and more, will continue to be managed on an individual basis.

Q: How do I use the Forest City Password Station?
A: You can access the Password Station in one of two ways: a) if youíre on a Forest City computer, you can access it via your Windows Ctrl-Alt-Delete login screen. b) Or, if you canít access a Forest City PC, you will be able to manage your password from any computer with an internet connection via  In either case, youíll have to correctly answer your three security questions in order to manage your password.

Q: What do I select for ďSelect Your DomainĒ?
A: The New York Forest City Ratner Companies people need to select the FCRC domain, and the Cleveland-headquartered people (everyone else) need to select the FORESTCITY domain. 

Q: What are my security questions?
A: Youíll pick those when you enroll at Forest City Password Station. Security questions include things like, your motherís maiden name, your fatherís middle name, the city in which you were born or the name of your high school mascot.

Q: Iím sold, when can I sign up?
A: You can enroll at Forest City Password Station immediately to manage your password.

Q: Where can I get more information about the Forest City Password Station?
A: Contact the Forest City Help Desk at or 216-772-HELP (4357), or if youíre in New York then contact the FCR Help Desk at or 718-923-8501.